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Silverio, or Banderas/Banderitas as he has been known since childhood, was born in Quillabamba, a province of Cusco just two hours from Machu Picchu. Growing up, the Andes and the Amazon jungle were his playgrounds. He moved to Cusco at the age of 14 to attend high school. After years of mainly working in social service, he became a certified tour guide. He has now worked in Cusco's tourism industry for over 20 years. Silverio is proud of his Quechua heritage and always feels inspired while giving a tour, as if guided by his Incan ancestors.

He most enjoys cooking, completing a daily crossword puzzle while at Sacsayhuaman, and watching and playing fútbol.

Lisa was born and raised in Chicago. Before she moved to Cusco in 2015, she worked in the hospitality industry, and, more recently, the nonprofit sector with at-risk communities. With over 20 years of experience serving clients in one form or another, she has developed a very high standard for customer service. She is determined, as Banderitas' primary customer support contact, to provide the kind of service she hopes to receive. Lisa recognizes exceptional service and efficiency and is always looking for ways to incorporate bright ideas into the business. She has a keen eye for detail, an appreciation for the unique, and a knack for pairing quality and value.

She most loves food and watching foreign language films. 

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