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Ausangate Trek

5 Days / 4 Nights


$780 - $955 USD per person

Peak Elevation :

5,200 m / 17,060 ft

Low Altitude:

3,400 m / 11,150 ft


Overall Difficulty:



Please note that all distances and elevations are approximate. Trek times are estimated; various factors -- such as weather conditions, individual fitness levels, and how each trekker manages at altitude -- may affect the time it takes to reach each point.


The evening before your trek, you will meet with your tour guide at your place of lodging (hotel, hostel, etc.). Your guide will give you an overview of your trek to help you prepare and pace yourself for the physical and mental challenges that lie ahead. S/he will answer any questions and address any concerns you may have regarding the trek, and can offer suggestions on where you may purchase last-minute supplies. You will receive a duffel bag to hold up to 7 kg / 15 lbs of your personal belongings; this will be carried by the horse that will accompany you on your journey. Your pick-up time will be confirmed.




Cusco | Tinqui

You will be picked-up at your place of lodging around 10 am. You will travel by private van for approximately 3.5 hours to the village of Tinqui. Here, you will be introduced to the rest of the team, you'll enjoy your first Banderitas lunch, and you'll settle into camp. You'll spend the rest of the afternoon simply acclimatizing to the altitude. No worries, the following days will be filled with challenge. Before tea is served at 5 pm, you'll be free to wander within the area, and you may even encounter and interact with some curious locals. Dinner will follow at 7 pm. Sleep tight!


Hours of Trekking

No trekking today / Only acclimitizing

Elevations for the Day

Cusco - 3,400 m / 11,150 ft  lowest

Tinqui - 3,800 m / 12,470 ft  highest

Meals Served

Lunch / Dinner / Snack + Tea




- Over the next few days, you will ascend to 5,200 m / 17,060 ft -- that's about 1,800 m / 5,905 ft above Cusco. Acclimitization is key for a safe and comfortable ascent, so that's what today is all about -- acclimitizing! 


- You'll have the opportunity to hike within the area, close to your campsite from where you'll have a breathtaking view of Mount Ausangate.

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Hours of Trekking


Elevations for the Day

Tinqui - 3,800 m / 12,470 ft  lowest

Upis - 4,200 m / 13,780 ft  highest

Meals Served

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner / Snack + Tea




- At the Tinqui campsite you'll have your last chance to purchase items for yourself and for any locals you may encounter along your trek.


- Sip your water. In this altitude, we recommend moving slowly and steadily versus moving quickly and stopping to take many breaks.


- The temperatures throughout the day will vary significantly, be sure to wear layers!

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Tinqui | Upis


5:30 am wake-up. Breakfast will be served at 6. At 7, you will begin your 6-hour gradual uphill trek to your campsite, Upis. Along the way, you'll have a fantastic view of the Ausangate range while passing small lagoons, streams, and an array of wildlife -- possibly even eagles. Lunch will be waiting for you at the campsite. You're done trekking for the day, so you'll have the rest of the afternoon to may then get settled in your tent and take a dip in the nearby therapeutic hot springs. Take this opportunity to rejuvenate as the following days will be long and challenging. We'll let you know when tea's ready at 5 pm. Dinner will be served at 7. May you sleep soundly under the stars.


Upis | Apacheta Pass | Pucacocha | Ausangatecocha

 5:30 wake up. Breakfast will be ready at 6. You'll head out at 7 toward Apacheta Pass. It will be a gradual uphill climb. You will then descend gradually to Pucacocha where you will stop for lunch. You'll continue on for about 2 hours on a gradual uphill, then it's a steep 35 minutes downhill to your campsite, Ausangatecocha. Tea will be served at 5, and dinner at 7. Dulces sueños.


Hours of Trekking


Elevations for the Day

Upis - 4,200 m / 13,780 ft  lowest

Apacheta Pass - 4,850 m / 15,910 ft  highest

Pucacocha - 4,550 m / 14,925 ft  

Ausangatecocha - 4,500 m / 14,765 ft  


Meals Served

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner / Snack + Tea




- Today's uphill and downhill paths will be gradual, yet still challenging.

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Hours of Trekking


Elevations for the Day

 Ausangatecocha - 4,500 m / 14,765 ft  

Palomani Pass - 5,200 m / 17,060 ft  highest

Phinaya - 4,200 m / 13,780 ft  lowest

Q'ampa - 4,300 m / 14,110 ft 


Meals Served

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner / Tea + Snack




- This is the most challenging day of your 5-day trek. Be sure to pace yourself.

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 Ausangatecocha | Palomani Pass | Phinaya | Q'ampa

5:30 wake up. Breakfast will be served at 6. You'll be burning a lot of calories today, so eat up! You'll depart camp at 7 and begin a steep 3-hour uphill climb to Palomani Pass -- the highest point of the trek. Here, you will stop to pay respects to Pachamama and the Apus with a coca leaf offering. After you've had a few moments to take in the spectacular view, you'll continue on, descending steeply for another 2.5 hours to Phinaya, where the Banderitas team will have lunch ready. Then, you'll ascend gently, 2 hours, to your campsite for the night, Q'ampa. Rest for a while, and you'll meet for tea at 5 pm. Dinner will follow at 7. Muy buenas noches.


Q'ampa | Q'ampa Pass | Tres Lagunas | Pacchanta | Cusco

You will begin with an early 5 am wake up. Breakfast will be ready at 5:30. At 6:30, you'll head out on a steep, 3.5-hour uphill trek to Q'ampa Pass. Then, it's 2.5 hours up-and-down to the Tres Lagunas lunch site for your final Banderitas meal. You'll continue for another 3 hours on a gradual downhill path to Pacchanta. Here, you'll part ways with the support staff, and then return on a 3 hour journey by private transport back to Cusco. You can expect to arrive around 8 pm. Please leave your Banderitas duffel at the front desk of your hotel. Thank you!


Hours of Trekking

Elevations for the Day

Q'ampa - 4,300 m / 14,110 ft 

Q'ampa Pass - 5,000 m / 16,405 ft  highest

Tres Lagunas - 4,400 m / 14,435 ft  

Pacchanta - 4,100 m / 13,450 ft  

Cusco - 3,400 m / 11,150 ft  lowest


Meals Served

Breakfast / Lunch 


Final Day - No Overnight Accommodations


- It may be your final day, but you'll still manage to squeeze in 9 hours of challenging trekking before returning to Cusco.

- Farewell and thank you, team!

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prices per person in USD

Group of 2: $955*

 Group of 3: $870 

 Group of 4: $820 

Group of 5: $780

Group of 6 to 8: $740

Group of 9 to 11: $700

Group of 12 to 15: $670

please inquire about pricing for larger groups

* a solo traveler would pay for two = $1,910

Automatic upgrades

a high quality, inflatable sleeping pad, a pillow, 

and the use of a private portable toilet + toilet tent

What is Included

What is Included


- Experienced, Professional Tour Guide

- Responsive, U.S.-Style Customer Service


     Experienced Cook

       - Reliable Horseman and his horses

       - Safe, Responsible Drivers


- Entry Fee to Ausangate 


From hotel pick-up on Day 1 to hotel drop-off on Day 5:

- Private transport from your hotel in Cusco to Tinqui

- Private transport from Pacchanta back to your hotel in Cusco


From Lunch on Day 1 to Lunch on Day 5:

- 13 Fresh, wholesome meals prepared by Banderitas' Cook: 4 Breakfasts, 5 Lunches, 4 Dinners

      - We respect dietary restrictions and preferences, and will accommodate special requests

(i.e., vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, etc.)

- Snacks -- unprocessed and healthful (e.g., fruit and cereal bars)

- Variety of teas including whole leaf coca

- In the morning, freshly ground, organic coffee from Quillabamba

- Drinking water (boiled and cooled, from lunch on Day 1)


- First Aid Kit

- Oxygen Tank

- Eureka Timberline Tent

- Inflatable Thermarest ProLite Plus Sleeping Pad

       - plus an additional foam pad for extra comfort     

- Private portable toilet / toilet tent for your group

- Pillow

- Hot water bottle


- At the Pre-Departure Briefing on the evening before your trek, you will be provided with a Banderitas Duffel Bag which you may fill with up to 7 kilos / 15 pounds of your belongings. This will be carried by horseback. While we recommend that you carry all you will need for the day in your daypack, you will have access to your duffel bag at all lunch stops and campsites. The duffel may be left at the front desk of your hotel following your trek.


These extras and upgrades come as standard services when you book with

Banderitas Adventures in Cusco

WHAT IS NOT Included


- Down Sleeping Bag $25 USD

- Trekking Poles (rubber-tipped, per pair) $15 USD


(Not applicable to solo travelers paying double)

- For your own tent $35 USD


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