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Maras Salt Mines, Moray and Chinchero Tour

 Join us on this half-day trip and learn about the textile and agricultural practices of the ancient Incan Empire. We'll first stop off at the charming town of Chinchero, a wonderful place to pick up some souvenirs and to admire the handiwork of their talented weavers. We'll then proceed to Moray, home to a truly spectacular display of bowl-shaped terraces carved into the Earth by the Incas and are speculated to have been used to assess the prevailing condition of their crops. Finally, we'll walk though the impressive Maras Salt Mines. For centuries, the care of these ponds -- from which unadulterated pink salt is harvested -- has been passed down from generation to generation. 

Peak Elevation :

Chinchero - 3,700 m / 12,140 ft

Low Altitude:

Cusco - 3,400 m / 11,150 ft

Tour Stops:

Chinchero, Moray, Maras Salt Mines


Overall Difficulty:



You will choose when you would like to be picked up from your hotel -- between 8 am and 10 am. From Cusco, by private transport, you will will travel approximately 40 minutes to the town of Chinchero. You will stroll through the streets of this small town, visiting archaeological sites, agricultural terraces, a colonial church, and a colorful market with a beautiful array of items sold by various artisans. You'll attend a brief workshop where a local will demonstrate her weaving skills.


You will then continue on, about 45 minutes, to Moray. You'll spend approximately one hour touring the mysterious terraces built by the Incas. Each of the concentrically-shaped terraces is said to mimic the various microclimates throughout the various regions of what was once the Incan Empire, and so it is believed that the site was used as part of a grand agricultural experiment.  

You'll end the tour at the Maras Salt Mines or salineras, located about 25 minutes from Moray. You'll have an up-close look at the more than 4,000 man-made salt ponds and learn about the salt-harvesting process. Pick up a few pouches as souvenirs at one of the gift shops before heading back to Cusco.



prices per person in USD

Solo Traveler: $220

Group of 2: $110

 Group of 3: $95 

 Group of 4: $85 

Group of 5: $75

Group of 6-8: $70

Group of 9-11: $65

Group of 12-14: $60

Group of 15-17: $55

Group of 18-22: $50

Group of 23-27: $45

Group of 28+: $40

What is Included

What is Included?

- Private Transport: pick-up from and drop-off to your hotel in Cusco

- Professionally guided tour in English or Spanish

- Admission ticket to Maras Salt Mines

What is NOT IncludeD

- Boleto Turístico / Cusco Tourist Ticket

this may be purchased at any of the archaeological sites in CASH for S/130 (approx. $36 USD) for a full ticket

(which includes entry to 16 archaeological sites and is valid for 10 days) 

-or- S/70 (approx. $19 USD) for your choice of 1 of 3 partial tickets (which allows access to certain sites and is valid for 1 or 2 days)

- Lunch

- Gratuities

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