5 Days / 4 Nights

Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu


$970 - $1220 USD per person

Peak Elevation :

4,200 m / 13,780 ft

Low Altitude:

2,040 m / 6,690 ft

Length of Trail:

~ 49 km / 30 mi


Overall Difficulty:

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Please note that all distances and elevations are approximate. Trek times and distances covered on each day are estimated; various factors -- such as weather conditions, camp sites assigned by the Ministerio de Cultura, individual fitness levels, and how each trekker manages at altitude -- may affect the time it takes to reach each point.


The evening before your trek, you will meet with your tour guide at your place of lodging (hotel, hostel, etc.). Your guide will give you an overview of your trek to help you prepare and pace yourself for the physical and mental challenges that lie ahead. S/he will answer any questions and address any concerns you may have regarding the trek, and can offer suggestions on where you may purchase last-minute supplies. You will receive a duffel bag to hold up to 7 kg / 15 lbs of your personal belongings; this will be carried by a porter (more info). Your pick-up time will be confirmed.




Cusco | Ollantaytambo | Km 82 |  Miskay | Patallacta | Hatun Chaka

You will be picked-up at your hotel in Cusco around 6:30 am. You will travel by private van to Ollantaytambo (2 hours from Cusco) where you will stop for breakfast. Here, you may purchase last-minute supplies (toiletries, rain gear, meds, snacks, bottled water, etc.). You will continue travelling for about an hour to Pisacucho -- famously known as Km 82 -- the beginning of the Inca Trail. You will gear up and make your way to the first checkpoint where you will present your passport, Inca Trail permit (to be carried by your guide), and student ID if applicable. You will then begin your trek to Machu Picchu along the Inca Trail! After you cross the Urubamba River by footbridge, you will trek for 2.5 hours until you reach the village of Miskay where you will be served lunch. Along the way, you'll enjoy magnificent views of snow-capped Mount Veronica who stands at 5,895 m / 19,335 ft, and pass the first archaeological sites along the trail -- Q'anabamba and Patallacta. After lunch, you'll continue for another 3 hours, arriving at Hatun Chaka, your campsite. You may then get settled in your tent, freshen up, and relax. Afternoon tea will be served at 5 pm. Dinner will follow at 7 pm. Be sure to get a good night's rest; you'll need it!


Hours of Trekking


Elevations for the Day

Cusco - 3,400 m / 11,150 ft  highest

Ollantaytambo - 2,790 m / 9,150 ft 

Km 82 - 2,700 m / 8,860 ft  lowest

Miskay - 2,800 m / 9,185 ft

Patallacta - 2,750 m / 9,020 ft

Hatun Chaka - 2,950 m / 9,680 ft

Meals Served

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner / Snack + Tea




- Have your passport on hand. You will need it at the first checkpoint.


- This is a relatively easy day. The ascent will be gradual -- a gentle warm up for the following day's challenging climb to Dead Woman's Pass.

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Hours of Trekking


Elevations for the Day

Hatun Chaka - 2,950 m / 9,680 ft  lowest

Wayllabamba - 3,000 m / 9,840 ft  

Ayapata - 3,300 m / 10,830 ft

Llulluchapampa - 3,800 m / 12,470 ft

Warmiwañusca - 4,200 m / 13,780 ft  highest

Pacaymayo - 3,350 m / 10,990 ft

Meals Served

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner / Snack + Tea




- This is the most challenging of your 5-Day trek.


- Sip your water. In this altitude, we recommend moving slowly and steadily versus moving quickly and stopping to take many breaks. The descents will be steep, so watch where you step!


- The temperatures throughout the day will vary significantly, be sure to wear layers!

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Hatun Chaka | Wayllabamba | Ayapata | Llulluchapampa | Warmiwañusca / "Dead Woman's Pass" | Pacaymayo 

Breakfast will be served at 6:30. At 7:30 you will begin your 3.5-hour uphill trek to Llulluchapampa. Along the way, you'll pass Wayllabamba, Ayapata, a native Queuña forest and be accompanied by the soothing sounds of a glacier stream and the various wildlife inhabiting the Andes. The steep ascent will be grueling at times, but the gorgeous surroundings will make the effort worth your while. After lunch, it's another 2-hour steep ascent until you reach the highest point of the trek, appropriately named Warmiwañusca, or Dead Woman's Pass, because, when viewed from a distance, its crests resemble the silhouette of a woman lying on her back. Take a few moments to celebrate your achievement while you enjoy the spectacular views! You will then continue on a steep, 2-hour descent to Pacaymayo, your campsite, where you may freshen up and have yourself a very well-deserved rest. We'll let you know when tea's ready at 6 pm. Dinner will be served at 7 pm. Afterwards, as Silverio likes to say, "may you sleep like a baby alpaca."


Pacaymayo | Runcuracay Pass | Sayacmarca Incan Complex | Chaquicocha | Puyupatamarca 

You will begin with a 6:30 am wake up. Breakfast will be ready at 7. At 8, you'll head out on a 2-hour steep ascent toward Runcuracay Pass, passing the Runcuracay Incan Complex after about 1 hour. Then it's a steep downhill for about 1.5 hours to the Sayacmarca Inca Complex. From there, a 45-minute gentle descent to Chaquicocha, where you'll stop for lunch. The path will be easy and beautiful for the next 2 hours to your campsite -- Phuyupatamarca, where you'll have a great view of Machu Picchu Mountain. Tea will be served at 5, and dinner will follow at 7. Dulces sueños.


Hours of Trekking

Elevations for the Day

Pacaymayo - 3,600 m / 11,810 ft  lowest

Runcuracay - 3,950 m / 12,960 ft  highest

Sayacmarca - 3,600 m / 11,810 ft

 Chaquicocha - 3,600 m / 11,810 ft

Phuyupatamarca - 3,700 m / 12,140 ft


Meals Served

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner / Snack + Tea